• Worked in multiple roles in the company, promoted to the role of Director of Web Applications with a direct developer report
  • Created a custom CRM system which unified sales data with financials and service data to create a holistic dashboard of the company
  • Authored multiple reports for leadership that provided up to date insights to steer the company
  • Designer of all web properties including the company website (2011), intranet and custom web apps
  • Created many processes critical to business functions, including quoting, reporting and sales activities

About Whitlock

  • Whitlock is a privately held audio-visual integrator based in Virginia
  • Whitlock is the second-largest integrator in the space with sales in excess of $200m annually

The Story

I originally joined Whitlock in the role as an inside sales representative at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. In this role I was able to help Whitlock establish their footprint in the Pacific Northwest by opening their current office location.

Once established in the company, I was promoted into a role managing the company intranet, as well as doing sales & marketing support. The VP of Sales at the time approached me about consolidating desperate Excel documents across the company into a cohesive web app… all without any budget.

Knowing the requirements from the VP, I self-taught myself ColdFusion (the language of our intranet app) and MS SQL Server. I interviewed and tested designs with sales individuals across the organization to ensure my designs were addressing their needs. Using an office-by-office approach, I was able to import and train each office on the new CMS with complete user adoption across the company within a year.

With a system for tracking sales in place, I expanded it's capabilities to better serve the company's need to for data. I was able to hook into the existing accounting software (SouthWare) and service software to provide valuable insights to all employees. Based on these successes I added to my team with an additional developer who worked under my direction.


  • Built, design and maintained the company intranet. Intranet included a custom built pricing lookup tool to increase efficiency while pricing AV equipment.
  • Created multiple reports which optimized business reporting and reduced business-critical information timing from weekly updates to hourly.
  • Designed and built a CRM system to manage $200m+ of business annually.
  • Streamlined quoting and bid templates into a macro-driven workflow which leveraged server-based materials and pricing.